Ben Turner is an illustrator and designer residing in Bristol, UK.
His work is greatly influenced by horror films of all shapes and sizes, particularly the works of John Carpenter, and hazy memories of strange films rented from a long since disappeared video store. Synth-laden film scores from the 1970s/80s, science fiction novels and their illustrated covers have also provided much inspiration. Experimenting with ways to employ these influences, coupled with the desire to further develop his technique, continue to provoke Ben to expand his illustration work.
Working mainly in digital, using a combination of detailed, expressive linework and a limited yet impactful colour palette. He creates pieces, particularly portraiture, that focus on finding something different to say about the subject. Extrapolating that fundamental idea from a film, news article, piece of pop culture or music and taking it in an unexpected and distinct direction, be it in composition, content or technique.
His work has been featured in a number of art books and has also been exhibited in London, Glasgow and Los Angeles.
In 2019, Ben placed 2nd in the PosterSpy Annual Portfolio Review.
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